Geno Auriemma's No. 1 UConn women's basketball team can now say they've relished in the same victorious feeling 100 consecutive times after recording a win against No. 6 South Carolina last night.

The dominance that the Huskies have enjoyed is breathtaking. They had won by an average margin of 38.7 points entering Monday's contest.The numbers from the streak are video game-like and likely to never be surpassed.

The last time UConn lost was on November 17th, 2014, against Stanford. That was 820 days ago.

During the streak, 98 of the 100 wins were by double digits. 56 victories were by at least 40 points.

Auriemma would much rather plot his team's next move instead of enjoying the improbable accomplishment.

"I hope we can focus on the season and what’s coming up next and whatever’s in store for this team,” Auriemma said following the win. “Let’s get it over with and move onto the next thing, which is more important in the big scheme of things for these players anyway. This 100-win streak isn’t theirs but if they win a national championship that’s all theirs. That means a lot more if we’re able to do that down the road.”

Gabby Williams, who scored 26 points while grabbing 14 boards, made the feat sound like a typical day at the office. 

"Continuing what they’ve done for so many years," Williams said, who's become accustomed to dismantling teams on a nightly basis. 

With their 100th straight win in the rear view mirror, the Huskies are now chasing their fifth straight national title victory and Auriemma's 12th overall.