This week on TSL Sports Talk, former Raiders wide receiver and Pro Football HOFer, Tim Brown, joined us to talk about his career. Check out the highlights below.

On what Brown’s experience has been like since he was called to join the Pro Football HOF:

“Well, I can tell you this. I didn’t realize how much I was thinking about it until I didn’t have to think about it anymore! It’s been quite the –I don’t want to say burden lifted- but certainly the last couple of months have been amazing. Some of the experiences that I’ve had already being a HOFer have just been things that I didn’t see coming. I knew it was a big deal because I have plenty of friends who are HOfers, but to this extent -even 60 days out, more than 60 days out- it’s been unbelievable."  


Listen to the full interview above to hear more on Brown’s new experiences as a Pro Football HOFer, his football career and more.