This week on TSL Sports Talk,’s Steve Kyler joined us to talk about The Final Four and the NBA Playoffs. Check out the highlights below.

On what stood out the most in the 2015 College Basketball Finals:

"When you look at The Final Four -especially when you factor in Michigan State- that’s the blue blood of college basketball right there in the coaching world. You think about John Calipari, Tom Izzo, Coach K, Bo Ryan- these are some of the best coaches in the nation. While I don’t want to try to take a shot at anybody who didn’t get to the four, it proves that coaching matters. It proves that recruiting matters and as much as you want to say, this team got this guy or this team hired this coach, a lot of it is that culmination of great coaching with great players, and in Wisconsin’s case, a team that stayed together when there was a lot of temptation to go to the NBA, for guys like Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky last year. The pursuit of trying to get back in there and win a national championship, I think you saw it in the eyes of the teams who lost. The guys that were crying, towels of their head, they weren’t thinking, hey, I’m going to cash a check in the NBA next month, they were all crushed not to get there. To see the jubilation of the guys who did win it, you can see that, but the agony of defeat and the victory that comes from it was real, very real for all the teams that got in."       


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