This week on TSL Sports Talk, play-by play commentator for Westwood One and cohost of Basketball and Beyond with Coach K on Sirius XM, David Sims, joined us to talk about college basketball. Check out some highlights below.

On his interactions with UNC’s Dean Smith over the years:

"15-18 years ago, I was doing the McDonald’s All-American game on ESPN and Coach Wooden and Coach Smith were there. They had a big luncheon and I remember telling my son, hey man, get in there, we’ve got to get a picture with him… Coach Smith and Coach Wooden were both delightful. It wasn’t a big interaction there, but I had done a game a little while after where they lost to Princeton and he’s just a constant gentleman. I covered the Nets years ago and Larry Brown was one of his protégés and Larry just spoke with such reverence about the guy… I hadn’t been aware for a long time of his role and his frontline in getting Charlie Scott down to New York City, breaking the color lines in the ACC. Politically, he was way ahead of the curve with coaches back in that time in the early ‘60s. I think his record, his players, it all speaks for itself and I’m looking forward to hearing what Coach K has to say about him because they competed for many years, went head-to-head and I think they had a very good friendship in spite of competing hard."          

Listen to the full interview above to hear Sims talk more about Dean Smith’s legend, March madness and more.

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