Dez White crafted a career as a celebrity writer by fearlessly exposing serious gossip concerning the socially significant and entertainment titans that people so obsessively seek information about. White, a married mother of two, came up with the idea for Invisible apps initially to address a pressing work need.

In May of 2014, TSL spoke to White about her impressive accomplishments, transition into the competitive tech world and her future goals. 

"I’m an entertainment writer and some of my stories require me to rely on sources," White told The Shadow League. “With information so easily accessible now, people are understandably more hesitant about putting things in writing. I realized that if people could send temporary messages to one another that could not be intercepted or forwarded, they’d likely be more willing to communicate freely. So I looked into the availability of this kind of technology and finding nothing, I set out to create it myself. The Invisible platforms make it possible to securely send and receive all kinds of everyday personal information."