After his NY Giants team’s 31-7 butt-whipping at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Tom Coughlin was spotted standing on a mountain sending out SOS distress signals to anybody that could help stop the 2013 season from suffering an unfathomable death.

He probably should follow the tactics of King Richards’ brother George, who procured his own personal sorcerer, to reverse the curse he claims The White Queen has put on his family (If you’re not watching this show on Starz you should be).

David Wilson’s two costly fumbles in an opening-game 24-17 loss to Dallas was an omen that the Giants’ rep as perennial contenders would be flipped upside down and slip away into the turf.  It was also contagious, as no team since 2000 turned the ball over more than the Giants did through their first three games (13). The lack of faith Coughlin has shown in the once-promising Wilson reflects the feelings that the NFL community should have about this Giants team overall.

With this loss, the Giants are 0-4 for the first time since the strike-interrupted 1987 season, when they were 0-5 and finished 6-9.  It’s looking like a top 10-draft position type of season that not even the parity-rife NFC East can help them avoid. If anything, the Giants are the worst of the worst, because the division has a total of 4 wins amongst the four teams. (Props to TSL’s Khalid Salaam for predicting that the NFC East would be mush.)

Who would have thought that just two seasons after winning their second Super Bowl since 2008, the rebuilding process would begin?

A team that was touted as one of the NFL’s most talented is succumbing to a patchwork offensive line that’s allowed QB Eli Manning to be tossed around like the footballs he used to throw so deftly and successfully, and a defense that has big names with deteriorating games. Add in a turnover rate that rivals Peyton Manning’s historic TD binge and it’s no surprise when Tuck says, “I wish somebody would pinch me so I could wake up, like he told the following another game where he and sack-master Jason Pierre-Paul — once mentioned among the game’s top-dawg defenders — resembled mere mortals and wounded warriors.

Tuck is right. The D is giving up points like a Pop Warner squad and making every opposing QB look like Tom Brady Jr. The secondary’s given up six TD passes in just the past two games alone.

Following the WK 3, 38-0 route Big Blue suffered to Cam Newton and Co., you’d assume a team of their caliber would have to get dragged out of Arrowhead Stadium kicking and screaming for their collective lives.  Total optimists figured they were at least setting fans up for another one of their historic post season runs.  At 0-3, they were flirting with disaster and buried in a hole no NFL team has dug itself out of since the 1998 Buffalo Bills – but there was still hope.

The Giants were at a loss for words, but the prevailing thought was they have too much pride to continue to lose. Some suggested that just as the Giants usually started seasons strong and collapsed in the second-half under Coughlin, maybe this season would work in reverse.

With 12 games still left, the optimism in the Tri-State tank is on E. Epic failures like these drive a team with a championship-pedigree GM like Jerry Reese to re-evaluate the entire franchise from “Mr. Untouchable” (Manning) on down.

As the brutal season wears on, expect whispers and insinuations that the Giants have held on to HC Tom Coughlin one season too long. His age will become a bigger topic of discussion.

It’s also not like they are coming off a successful 2012 campaign. Coughlin’s Giants have lost 9 of its last 12 games dating to last season.

The Giants are floundering in all phases. If Reese wants the props when the Giants are pulling Super Bowl rabbits out of a hat, then he has to get blasted when his masterpiece is melting away like food in a boiler oven.  

If Reese has another trick up his sleeve, now would be the time to use it. There’s some who feel he should use it at this point to make Coughlin and this Giants team disappear.