"Kids in the crib want dibs on the big man, can he come out, can he come out and start a jam?"

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While I may not be his biggest fan, Charles Barkley's on court exploits are legendary and his quotes are certified journalism gold.  As was illustrated during his interview with our JR Gamble, Charles Barkley has no chill.   The Hall of Famer was at the center of an ocean of reporters during the NCAA Tournament Media Day and here are a few quotes that might have escaped your local news blotter.  

On The Golden State Warriors…

"Guys like myself could have played in any era, I think people are going overboard because the Warriors are great, but they’re the only team that’s actually winning like that. It’s not like everybody in the NBA is winning like that. Oklahoma City, the Clippers, the Spurs, they don’t play like that and they’re winning. You got one team with probably two of the ten greatest shooters ever and you can play like that. Nobody else has those guys."

On Claims That He Only Watches Five Games a Season...

"I didn’t say that, that’s what those jerkoffs at ESPN said. What I said was I’ve only watched six or seven full games. The Warriors, Spurs, Oklahoma City, the Clippers and the Cavs. Every time those teams play I watch the full games, but I’m not going to watch Orlando against Philly. That’s what I said.

There’s five teams that can win the championship. Every time those teams have played, I watched the game from beginning to end.  But the jerkoffs at ESPN, which they are, tried to say that I only watched five games. That’s not what I said.  I’m not going to sit around and watch Sacramento (expletive) play Milwaukee."  

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On This Year's NCAA Tournament....

"The three favorites are Kansas, Michigan State and North Carolina, but they’re not heavy favorites. It wouldn’t surprise me if Villanova, Oklahoma made a run. I don’t think there’s a heavy favorite or even close to being a heavy favorite. This is going to be the most wide open tournament that it’s ever been.

It’s not college basketball’s fault that it’s not being dominated by freshman like it has the last five or six years. I think the kid at Duke (Brandon Ingram) is a good player, Ben Simmons (LSU) is not going to make the tournament but I can’t think of no other freshman that’s been kicking ass this year."

On Oklahoma University senior guard Buddy Hield...

"I love the fact that he went to college for four years and got better every year. I think he’s going to be a very good NBA player."

On LSU F Ben Simmons....

"Dude, don’t (expletive) tell me you’re going to be player of the year if you’re not going to make the tournament."

On Stephen Curry...

"I don’t want them to go overboard. We’re starting to get like the NFL where you can’t touch anybody now.  That’s like people saying we’re hating on the Warriors. Steph Curry is a helluva player but he is benefiting from the new rules structure and all of a sudden we’re hating on the Warriors.

The kid’s a helluva player, great shooter but he is benefiting from the rules where you can’t hand check.  We spent an hour and a half with the refs.  In college they’re trying to do that too.  It’s like, damn you gotta give the defense some chance."