Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin spoke to the public for the first time since leaving the team on Oct. 30, two days after a lunchroom bullying incident involving teammate Richie Icognito that pushed Martin over the edge.

Martin met with NFL investigator Ted Wells in the NFL's Manhattan headquarters on Friday for seven hours. While Martin says he spilled his guts to Wells, he made it clear that he has a strategic and methodical plan of action and would not divulge any details or information exchanged in the meeting.

“Today’s meeting is consistent with the NFL’s investigation into my experiences as a player of the Miami Dolphins.,” Martin said as he addressed media on the streets after. “Although I went into great detail with Mr. Ted Wells and his team, I don’t intend to address this matter publicly at this time. I do however; look forward to speaking directly with (Owner) Stephen Ross, (Team President/CEO) Tom Garfinkel and the Dolphins organization at the appropriate time. This is the right way to handle the matter. Beyond that I look forward to working through the process and resuming my career in the NFL. “

Dolphins players hope Martin’s broken silence is a sign that the end of this drawn out bullying probe is coming. “The situation is dying down a bit, so that’s always great to get this out of the way,” Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace, said on ESPN.

Wallace’s opinions reflect those of Dolphins Nation. Trying to predict how this situation plays out is like figuring out the Rubik's Cube with your arms in a sling. But one question that was answered by Martin’s brief public address was that the “big baby” doesn’t intend to let the “big bully” steal his football joy. Martin plans on getting this situation behind him, blowing the cover off the Dolphins franchise and then resuming his football career. It’s safe bet it won’t be with Miami.