This actually occurred on Tuesday, but while most of you were waking up this morning, you probably missed the bizarre ending to the Brooklyn Nets' 21-point loss to San Antonio last week. The Nets are searching for an escape from this Titanic of a season. On Tuesday night, they left the court with 0.2 of a second left on the clock to prep for their New Years Eve celebrations. 

However, a captain must go down with the ship and the band must play on under NBA regulations. The Nets needed at least two players on the court for a legal inbounds. Rather than spill a drink and stall, Kidd was forced to call a 20-second timeout after a lengthy delay. It would have been comical if it wasn't so sad. With no 21-point play to be found, the clock ran out and this video lives on in YouTube archives as a tribute to Brooklyn's bungled season.