1. Richie Incognito - All I have is questions. The disgusting voicemail was recorded in April, so why did this take so long to come to the light? How long has this been going on? How can an adult male allow himself to be bullied by another man of his same size? How did the Dolphins organization not know this is going on? Will Richie Incognito ever play in the NFL again? What’s the difference between this situation and the Riley Cooper situation? When controversy hits, videos from your past like this come to haunt you.

2. Chiefs - Their schedule thus far has been softer than a cloud. We’ll see how good they really are in two weeks when they play the Broncos.

3. Camaturation - Cam Newton is growing up and his play on the field hasn’t been a fluke.

4. Duh Dez - What? You didn’t know that you couldn’t take off your helmet?

5. Nick Foles - Seven touchdowns is impressive. I don’t care who you are playing. I still think Vick should be the starter, but Foles is making this a tough decision.

6. John Fox - When you love something, other things tend to take a backseat. Unfortunately, for football coaches those “other things” tend to be their health. Fox knew about his heart condition and thought he could wait until the off season. Think about that….a heart condition, and he wanted to wait until the offseason. Now he'll miss a couple weeks to deal with it, and Jack Del Rio will take the clipboard in his place.

7. Gary Kubiak - Get well soon sir. I’ve never seen anything like this happen in football and it was scary to see. John Fox...take note.

8. Luck Comeback - Ten fourth quarter comebacks in two years. This kid is literally the Tim Duncan of football. There has never been a player come into this league more fundamentally ready to play, or possibly with a more appropriate last name. It's not to early for the MVP talk either.

9. Play of the Day - It was hard to chose between Davone Bess’ juke move and Adrian Peterson’s carriage ride, but All Day won out.


10. Protect QBs - For all the idiots out there that say football is getting too soft and the NFL gives QBs too much preferential treatment, did you watch last night's Monday Night Football game? It was the Struggle Bowl. Both Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers were out of the game. If the stars aren't on the field, the NFL can be painful to watch.