1. Cam Newton -   Yes, Cam Newton has completed 77 percent of his passes and thrown six touchdowns with zero picks since the Panthers last loss. Cam's red hot right now and his team is 3-0 over the last three games. Let's be real, though. He's beaten the Vikings, Rams and Bucs, three of the weakest teams in the NFL right now. As a top overall pick, you're supposed to dominate those kind of teams.

2. Best WR in the NFL - You were saying something, Dez Bryant, about Calvin Johnson and being able to do whatever he could do? All I know is that Megatron is really not from this planet. How do you catch 14 passes for 329 yards in one game being double and triple teamed?


3. Perception - Tom Brady blows up on the sideline; he's a leader. Dez Bryant does it; he's a diva. Now it's hilarious after NFL Network has released the video everything that Dez said was positive. We want players to care enough to risk it all, but we don't want them to care so much that they'll yell at a teammate. Ok cool, that makes a lot of nonsense.  I doubt all those talking heads on TV will recant their negative statements about Dez now, even though the truth is out. 

4. Wait a Second - The Chiefs record looks funny in the light. They are 8-0 and ranked #1 in ESPN's power rankings. The combined record of the teams they've defeated is 20-41. Something is not adding up. We'll see who the Chiefs really are after they play the second half of their schedule. 

5. Pacman's Promise  - You can never take trash talking too far. All things are permissible on the gridiron. Even when Pacman Jones tells David Nelson, "I'm going to find out where you live." 

6. Marvin Jones  - Four touchdowns in one game. You deserve some credit sir. 

7. Play of the Day goes to the Redskins' Pierre Garcon....goodness! 

8. Falcons - What's going on in Atlanta? This is essentially the same team that went to the playoffs last season. Mike Smith's voice looks like it's been tuned out. 

9. Fools Gold - I'm a huge Raiders fan. He's not that good. It's fools gold. I don't care if he won the game. He was 10/19 for 88 yards no touchdowns two interceptions and two sacks. That's not good. But his 93 yard run does look exquisite....


10. The Flop - Man, someone please get Tavon Austin. What has this world come to? Flopping? In football? No.