1. Steve Smith – Umm, tell us how you really feel about Janoris Jenkins, please.


2. Thad Lewis  - People have been talking about a faux QB controversy in Philly (see below), but there maybe one in Buffalo, too. Thad Lewis is playing very well. He led the Bills on a fourth quarter drive to win the game. EJ Manuel...be on the lookout.


3. If you aren't cheating you ain’t trying – Same teams, same cheater. Bill Belichick and the Pats were at it again. It’s against the rules to push your teammate in the back to give him an advantage when he’s trying to block a field goal. The Pats got away with it last week against the Saints, but not this week.

 “I saw that the guy directly to my right was giving his teammate a push,” Damon Harrison said about the play. “Going back to training camp it was an emphasis that you can’t push anyone on the field goals.”’

“We get tapes from the league, as every team does, and we go over those tapes with our players,” Rex Ryan said. “Every Friday in the team meeting, to start our team meeting, is basically on the official report. Any of those rules, our guys are very aware of it.”

Cheaters never prosper.


4. Nick Fools – Can we cut the, "Nick Foles should be starting" jargon? Your mother would look good playing QB against the Buccaneers like Foles did last week. What happened when he played a real defense? The Cowboys held him to 11/29 passing with only 80 yards. Vick isn’t elite, but he’s definitely better than Foles. It's not rocket science. Hell, even Marcus Vick can see it. 


5. Mash Unit  – Jay Cutler out at least four weeks? The Bears started out 3-0, and then lost three of their last four. It might be time to say goodbye to those playoffs. Reggie Wayne tore his ACL. Sam Bradford tore his ACL. Brian Cushing broke his leg and is out for the season. Week 7 was nothing nice. 


6. Hall of Famer  - Question for you all. Is Devin Hester a Hall of Famer or not? He tied Deion Sanders record for the most return touchdowns in NFL history with 19 this past Sunday. Hester set the record in eight seasons where Deion set it in 14.


7. Lucky #7  –  The Kansas City Chiefs  are undefeated. It has nothing to do with Andy Reid or Alex Smith. Their defense is the real deal.


8. Below the knees – What would football look like if we outlawed all hits and blocks below the knees? Yes, the concussions issue is huge, but players are going down left and right to lower leg injuries. Brian Cushing is now out for the rest of the season because of a hit to his knees. 


9. Forgotten Man – The media spent so much time talking about the Peyton Manning homecoming that they forgot to talk about Andrew Luck. There was no luck involved other than hard work and preparation. It looks like #12 is the new #18. Peyton didn’t play well once again in a big game, and it looks like the Colts made the right choice.


10. Vikings vs. Giants – This game was terrible to watch. Just say NO to bad football. Seriously, did anyone enjoy watching this game last night?