Coach of the Year - Is it Joe Philbin? The Dolphins started off 3-0 and then it looked like the pallbearers were taking their playoff hopes to the grave after the Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito situation. Not sure how the hell they found life, but whatever they're doing, Joe Philbin will get the credit if they make the playoffs. 

On the road again - The Saints are on the road this weekend. You know what that means right? Right? Just think, if the Saints lose, they could be possibly not even make the playoffs. I'm calling the upset in Carolina, too. 

Resurgence of Matt Cassel - What is going on here? He's been balling without Adrian Peterson. He put up 48 points last week on the Eagles. I don't understand this guy. He flamed out in Kansas City. He couldn't beat out Christian Ponder. They signed Josh Freeman off the street. They played only Cassell because they had to, and he's flourshing right now. 

My Favorite Player - Justin Tucker is my favorite player right now, and I don't even play fantasy football. 

Wes Welker - He's going to sit out the next two games because of concussion issues. It'll be interesting to see if he'll be back for the playoffs. 

Luck and the Chiefs - The best young quarterback and the best young defense. Luck has been struggling since Reggie Wayne got hurt. Also, his offensive line looks like they belong in CFL and not the NFL. This will be an interesting game to watch. 

Cowboys defense - The problem isn't Romo, trust me. The problem is their terrible defense. They're ranked last in total defense and they are giving up 28 points a game. This means that Romo and co. have to put up four touchdowns a game just to stay a float. 

Nine Wins, Five Losses - The Arizona Cardinals are 9-5. Why is no one talking about them?

So what's Alshon Jeffery going to do this week? - Look at the last three highlight reel catches he's made in as many weeks. 


Candlestick Park - Say goodbye to this great stadium. The 49ers will play the last game there this Monday.