You Mad Bro? - What’s Joe Haden going to say this week? Because we all know that New England is going to win this game. Check out the :26 mark. 

Welcom Back Wallace - In the short term, Mike Wallace made a smart move to get out of the Steel City. More money, better weather, plus, the Dolphins are 6-6 and the Steelers are 5-7. In the long term, I'm not sure the Dolphins are going to see the return on their investment, though.

NFC West Rematch - Seattle is unstoppable at home. Well, they’re not playing this game at home. Kaepernick is in a groove and Harbaugh doesn’t lose twice. So many story lines. Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh don’t like each other. Michael Crabtree and Richard Sherman are two of the biggest trash talkers in the tri-planet area. This is going to be a goodie, and this will never get old. 

Carolina vs. Nawlins - No, Sean Payton and Drew Brees aren’t losing two games in a row. Yes, Cam Newton is going to get served several slices of humble pie. I don’t care about Carolina’s defense, the Saints are at home

What if Eli stayed in San Diego and Philip in New York? - Both QBs are products of their organizations. Giants – consistent, disciplined, tough, resilient. Chargers – inconsistent, erratic, soft, unmotivated. I think both would still have successful careers. Philip would have been able to win at least one Super Bowl. Eli would have been what he is today, a good, not great quarterback.

Who wants it more, KC or Washington? - At this point Washington is playing for pride. We’ll see what RGIII is made of these last few weeks of the season. KC is looking like fools gold right now after dropping three straight.

Geno Smith – [Insert Kevin Hart voice] He wasn’t ready! I find it hilarious that same people who are bailing on Geno Smith are the same people that were calling for him to start at the beginning of the season. We knew he wasn’t ready to be an NFL QB in the first place and the Sanchize should have started the season.

Andrew Luck - No, Andrew Luck isn’t looking funny in the light since he’s lost Reggie Wayne. He’s just a sophomore QB and these things happen. Look at RGIII’s struggles compared to Luck’s. Yeah, Andrew doesn’t look so bad after all now, does he? His team is still 8-4 on their way to the playoffs. Yes, Russell Wilson might be playing better now, but when the dust settles, Luck will be the best QB of this class.