Amid all the pomp and circumstances surrounding the Disney Dreamers Academy comedian Steve Harvey took some time to discuss the modern age of comedy when asked by blog publisher Luvvie of Awesomely Luvvie. He goes in on the evils of social media and how the digital age is killing careers, but he also gives comedian Kevin Hart his proverbial blessings as the newly-crowned King of Comedy. Check it out!

About comedy in the age of social media;

"For the young kids doing comedy now, social media has ruined it. With the exception of Kevin Hart, all the rest of them are struggling. As soon as you do something in a comedy club, someone records it and puts It on Youtube.  So, you can even have people come, sell your tickets, and surprise people like that. Comedy is not like music. People come to hear their hits. Yolanda (Adams) got to sing certain songs or they’ll be upset.  Luther (Vandross) had to sing his hits. You can go through your hits as a comedian. If your hits are all over social media, it absolutely ruins it."

"Social media, what is it for us now? It’s really the devil’s playground. You’ve got a bunch of small people that’s at a computer, they get a big screen name like they’re some big shot and they’re really nothing. It’s just mostly hate. Even if you’re talking about something positive on your Instagram, you can put a Bible verse on their and somebody sitting on their keyboard hatin’. They’re going to bring up something that ain’t got nothing to do with nothing and just start dogging you."

Praise for Kevin Hart;  

"I think it’s tough for everybody, you gotta do it now because it’s part of branding and marketing, but for comedy it has been a complete disaster, other than Kevin Hart. He’s the young lion now. He’s the new king out there.  He takes social media and he’s brilliant. Katt’s hatin’ on him, but Kevin Hart is the cat right now.  He’s smart, funny and very, very respectful."