Kevin Durant is injured and can do no more than play tickled spectator when moments such as last night’s 111-95 thrashing of the Oklahoma City Thunder occurs. Not only did Golden State squash Russell Westbrook’s freak show, as the first half came to a close, Curry got into a tussle with OKC guard Semaj Christon off a jump ball and eventually Westbrook and  Draymond Green entered the fracas.

Golden State was already giving OKC the business when the scuffle ensued, and Curry rubbed it in on the next play by drilling a three-pointer at the halftime buzzer and emotionally sprinting into the tunnel like he was running the last lap of an Olympic mile. Curry was obviously ready to represent and transferred Durant's energy onto his shoulders. In the postgame interview, he pulled a Kobe and claimed that he couldn't even remember Christon's name. 

More salt in the wound from a known assassin. 

OKC didn’t win a single game this season against the Golden State Warriors and it’s safe to say that KD got the best of this year’s matchup between former teammates turned social media-driven enemies.

Westbrook might yet win a battle as he is still the frontrunner for league MVP, but KD is hoping to win the war by returning to the Dub Nation lineup just in time for a potential playoff matchup between an OKC team that is clearly outclassed by the depth of Golden State’s talent pool, even without Kevin Durant on the court.