I'm all for Beyoncé bringing up a basic feminism conversation to those who were not informed, but ever since this chatter has happened, it seemed to me like the last 80 years of empowering music by Black women has gone under rug swept. So I breathe a sigh of relief that one influential voice will finally get their chance to sing out and prove that Black women have never been tame when it came to the act of independence through song. For awhile now Queen Latifah has wanted to bring the life story of jazz and blues legend Bessie Smith to the big or small screen, and it looks like things are finally getting off on the right foot. Under the title of Blue Goose Hollow (the area around Chattanooga, Tennessee where Smith was born and raised), the film is still in its development stage, but director-writer Dee Rees (who drew well-deserved attention for the 2011 flick Pariah) has been tapped to bring the flick to HBO with Queen, who has been nothing short of busy what with her high-rated daytime talk show and various production projects, in the starring role. The project, which is backed by Latifah's Flavor Unit Entertainment company, has an eye on a mid-June 2014 production start date in Atlanta, Georgia.