Nikki Giovanni, one of America's most celebrated and honored poets in history, scribed a new poem for Prospect magazine in honor of the 50-year anniversary of The March On Washington, titled "We, Too." Giovanni also spoke at-length with Prospect about the March in 1963, as well as racial injustices that exist today.


I was home
In Lincoln Heights
Named for Abraham
As many other small black
Communities are
Only 20 years old
Not cowardly
I had picketed Rich’s
Department Store in Knoxville
I sat in with Fisk University
In Nashville
But not all that Brave
Mommy didn’t want
Me to go
Neither did my father and I wondered
Would it matter
50 years later I know
It did
We watched
We prayed
We, too, were
I didn’t go
I stayed home
And reminded myself:
We also serve
Who sit
And Wait