First Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun lost credibility and his stellar rep by denying and then admitting to PED use. Then, he lost millions of dollars and playing time by accepting a 65-game suspension from MLB for his ties to Biogenisis of America Clinic. Now he has been thrown overboard by Nike, the mother ship of endorsement companies.

Braun has endorsed the marketing giant during his seven-year career in MLB, wearing Nike shoes and batting gloves. According to Rovell, the company had recently launched a Braun campaign, selling “Big Bat Like Braun” and “Braun Owns Milwaukee” T-shirts.

It’s reported that the Brewers ’11 MVP has lost nearly all of his endorsement deals in the last two years since he has been linked to PEDs.

He joins Michael Vick (dog fighting) and Lance Armstrong as living legends and big-money earners for Nike that were let go by the company after major scandals.