LaVar Ball has gone from helicopter Dad to another rising blowhard celebrity from The New School of Donald Trump, and he's got this American branding and  marketing strategy down to a science. Say the most over-the-top things and watch media run like roaches in the projects when the lights come on to tell everyone in the world about something that nobody should care about anyway.

The public relations boost that Ball’s sons are getting because of his motor mouth appears to only be helping the Ball brand. Anytime their crazy Daddy opens up his mouth, that's more dollar signs for My Three Sons.

Ball’s latest outlandish comments were directed at the sons of LeBron James no less. LaVar has escalated from demeaning current NBA legends like Steph Curry to insulting the sons of icons.

LaVar was on Chris Broussard’s podcast “In the Zone with Chris Broussard” when said he believes LeBron James’ son’s “will be wack at basketball.”

Of course everyone ran to get those statements out to the world and give Ball exactly what he wanted; more attention.

LaVar might be a master at stirring sh*t up, but he’s not helping his boys at all by attacking the son of the most powerful man in basketball. In fact, it’s downright stupid, but then again, maybe LaVar knows something that we don’t.

He’s been pretty successful so far at creating a hype and anticipation for his three sons that basketball has never seen. If all of his boys don’t become NBA legends, it won't be because of LaVar's lack of effort or confidence. Lonzo wont be getting any Welcome to the NBA greeting cards from King James next year, that's for sure. 

But the fact that James might be looking forward to dunking on Lonzo next season shows that Pappa Ball's system is working. 

Like he told Broussard, “I plant the seed and they (media) are going to think about it whether it’s positive or negative.”

He’s basically telegraphing his strategy and everything seems to be falling right into place.