Want to hear a joke? The Knicks were disappointed in Brandon Jennings and his refusal to embrace the Triangle. For one, I didn’t know the Knicks were still attempting to execute that fossil of an offensive scheme. We found out last season that it was the dumbest suggestion ever.

Lucky for Jennings, a point guard averaging 8.6 points this season, he asked for his release and the Knicks obliged on Monday. Now Jennings is free to join a contender. While he might have missed his best chance for a c'hip in Cleveland by a few days as Deron Williams is signing with the Cavs, joining any team that's playing meaningful basketball has got to be better than that cesspool in New York.

Jennings was right to leave before he became labeled a “Knick” and nobody wanted to touch him because of the deteriorating reputation of the franchise. Reports are he will sign with the Charlotte Hornets who are currently in 11th place in the Eastern Conference but just three games out of the 8th spot. 

According to The Vertical, New York plans to sign Chasson Randle to replace Jennings. Randle was recently waived by the 76ers as a result of the team's trade with Dallas.

Jennings showed flashes of his 2011-12 rookie season when he averaged 19 points a game for the Milwaukee Bucks. Who can forget when Jennings went H.A.M. for 55 points as a rookie? He still has those moments in him. 

Jennings did score 32 points in a December game this season, but overall his inconsistency and roller coaster dedication mirrored that of his feeble squad. Don’t be surprised if you see Jennings putting in some solid minutes for a rising franchise, sort of how JR Smith and Iman Shumpert found their championship niche with the Cavs last season.