It may not happen this season or next, but one day Cavs GM LeBron James is probably going to verbally admit that he “regrets” trading off future NBA All-Star Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love.

Lately, King James has been whining to the media about needing more help. He's demanding that the Cavs get him a backup point guard. He already has more help than police on a trespassing call in Southside Chicago, but that's besides the point.

Don't you think he could use a healthy, athletic, explosive wing player like Wiggins under his tutelage right now? It's like when a really good Piston's team took Darko over Melo, thus altering the future of their franchise in a negative direction forever. With Wiggins on the move, Cleveland would be so much more lethal. But who could predict the future at the time? 

If you measure the individual impact of Love versus the youth, athleticism and unlimited potential of Wiggins, then James and Cleveland definitely traded off the future for the present. And if by some ungodly occurrence that Cleveland fails to win the NBA championship this season, a 1-2 record in NBA Finals for King James' Cavs doesn’t really justify giving up a No. 1 pick who is averaging 20.7 ppg as a 21-year-old and improving daily.

Now that Wiggins has asserted himself as a fiercely skilled player, he is building on his young legacy with leadership and clutch plays. On Tuesday night, down by one with 3.6 seconds left in regulation, Wiggins got the ball against PJ Tucker, almost collapsed on a drive, kept control of the ball, leaned back like Joey Crack and drained the first game-winning dagger of his career.

After the game, Wiggins spoke confidently and like a young gunner who is ready to be the centerpiece of a rising Timberwolves that is learning how to win close games.

“My mind was made up once I got the ball. I was going to shoot it,” Said Wiggins, who had a game-high 31 points in the win. “I got to my spot. I knew the pull-up would be there.”

After a dismal shooting display in a loss to the Spurs last week, Wiggins has balled out, pouring in 27, 24 and 31 points and leading the Wolves to wins in each game.

With Karl-Anthony Towns as a lethal first-option and Wiggins averaging 26.1 points per game in Minnesota’s 17 wins this season, the Wolves have two legit budding superstars to lead this franchise into the next decade.

When it's all said and done, King James might want a do-over with that one.