Before NFL rule changes and helmet-to-helmet contact became the NFL’s focus, James Harrison was a dominant force and reliable for highlight reel hits on opposing QB’s and opposing players. At 37 Harrison may not be able to change his hitting style, but he has always been able to play his best football with the Steelers. Harrison has taken on more of a mentoring role these days with the Steelers but should provide some necessary depth for a team short on linebackers. 

Harrison stated:

“My love for the man who both started — and made my career what it is — is undeniable, there are no words that I can find that would do justice for everything Dick LeBeau has done for me and my career and nothing can compare to that! I also have a great amount of love for Steelers Nation and the Steelers organization. I’m going to pray on this and let God guide me in the right direction.”

This will most likely mean Harrison’s NFL career will end with the the black and yellow hopefully passing along his pass rushing skills to the next crop of steel city linebackers.