Ja Rule spent his two year bid on a tax evasion conviction doing what most inmates do when they find themselves with excessive free time; lifting weights. However, he also understood the importance of good nutrition, so instead of eating prison slop, he picked up an ancillary hobby that Martha Stewart would have approved of -- cooking microwave cuisine. Soon, rap's Ratatouille plans to take what he learned and cram it into a book on microwavable cuisine. Somewhere in Manhattan, the 300 Sandwiches woman just broke up with her boyfriend.

Bun B and Paula Deen have yet to comment on whether they'll collaborate with Ja Rule on his cookbook project.

Via New York Post:

“He explained that while behind bars he learned to cook anything and everything in a microwave,” said a spy at the show, which airs Wednesday.

The rapper has said he cooked dishes including lasagna and cheesecake in a jail dorm rather than deigning to eat the prison grub.

I wonder what 50 thinks.