Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel begins its 20th season with a look inside the world of sports in the small desert nation of Qatar. Real Sports delves into how Qatar buys top foreign athletes, how it won the 2022 World Cup and how thousands of migrant workers building the event may pay with their lives in a brand new episode, The Price of Glory in Qatar, premiering tonight on HBO. 



"A bribery scandal has rocked the 2022 Qatar World Cup, with the country accused of buying its way to the winning bid. A closer look at this mysterious Middle Eastern nation suggests the world shouldn’t be surprised. In an extended segment, a new REAL SPORTS investigation shows how this tiny but fantastically wealthy country has in recent years conducted an obsessive campaign to achieve glory through sport at seemingly any cost, in dollars, ethics, rights and even human lives.

From Lausanne to Bulgaria, Nepal to Doha, new REAL SPORTS correspondent David Scott follows Qatar’s international sports money trail, with foreign athletes paid to compete for Qatar telling their stories for the first time. The former head of Qatar’s national track team breaks his silence. Anonymous third-world men imported to build Qatar’s facilities speak from inside the squalid work camps where they live. The workers state that they will be allowed to return home only when their job is done, or when the conditions in which they work and live kill them – whichever comes first. Interviews include human rights activist Husain Abdulla."


Check out the preview below and catch the full premiere on HBO tonight, 10pm ET.