Draymond Green is calling “bullshit” on Kristaps Porzingis’ claim that his Twitter was hacked when a Tweet that simply said, “LA Clippers” with three smiling emojis appeared.

Porzingis quickly deleted the tweet and later claimed that he was hacked.

“I would never tweet something like that. I don’t even use that emoji smiley face. Cmon B,” Porzingis later wrote, accompanying it with a picture of his recently used emojis as proof.

If the relationship between Porzingis and his New Yorks Knicks team was on solid ground, then maybe that excuse would be a believable one. However it drew extra attention because the Knicks star skipped his exit meeting with president Phil Jackson, said he wouldn’t ask the Knicks permission to play for Latvia's National Team and hasn’t talked to team officials since the season ended.

Green is no stranger to lying about being hacked on Twitter, so he’s a qualified member of the "pot calling the kettle black" club.

The Warriors forward, who claimed he was hacked and later copped to Snapchatting his own manhood over the summer, suggested that Porzingis was on a drunken binge and in his feelings before the tweet was sent from his account.

“Listen, man. I had an episode on social media this summer, and the first thing I said was that I was hacked. Then I thought about it and I said, I wasn’t hacked,” Green said on his “Dray Day” podcast. “Kristaps, I’m sorry, but no one believes you. You weren’t hacked. You’re trying to go to the Clippers.

“Kristaps, you lyin’, bro.You weren’t hacked. Maybe you was drunk, and your true feelings came out, and you tweeted your true feelings. But you weren’t hacked, my man. Trust me.”

The tweets also came a day after an ESPN report that teams have inquired about Porzingis’ availability.

Just another embarrassing moment for the Knicks organization and its players as the league continues to clown New York’s once proud franchise.