Amputee victims from the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2012 that shocked the sports community and inspired the expletive-spiced freedom speech by Red Sox slugger Big Papi showed up at the Harvard University athletic fields on Sunday along with family, physical therapists, military amputees and other volunteers. Their objective was to learn how to run effectively with prosthetic legs.

Celeste Corcoran, who lost both legs in the explosions at the marathon finish line, and her daughter Sydney, who survived amputation, but wears the scars of shrapnel that damaged her legs, didn’t do much running prior to the tragedy. Now, however, Celeste told that her goal is to knock down a 5K or fun run. 'I've always wanted to be a runner but I used to get shin splints. I don't have shins anymore, so I'm hoping,” she said.

Her response showed the fighting spirit that people in America have and the “big-picture” appreciation for life that we wish our locked-out government shared.

Heather Abbott had her left leg amputated in the bombings and shuffles four different types of prosthetics to fit her daily schedule: The everyday leg, a waterproof one for swimming, and another that allows her to rock high heels. On Sunday, she got her running leg.

The event was organized by the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which helps amputees and others with disabilities participate in sports,. Coach Bob Gailey put the participants through some challenging drills, then lined them up for an obstacle course.