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Your Weekend in Tweets: 11.5.12 Edition

Shaq goin' H.A.M, folks getting arrested and the Cowboys getting cracked on. It's serious in these Twitter streets.

By Nubyjas Wilborn November 05, 2012, 12:13 PM EST


Your weekend in Tweets. Floyd versus 50 will be fascinating even if its studio beef and won’t actually come to blows. Norte Dame and Bama find ways to win in the 4th quarter. Cowboys find a way to lose in the 4th. Also the Steelers might just be back. Let’s get into the best tweets of the weekend.

What’s causing all this?

Oh so that’s how you feel, Floyd?

Even Charlamagne Tha God got in on the fun.

That’s smaller than my living room.

Shots. Fired. Bang Bang. Gator receivers, you’re dead.

Is this what the good people of Knoxville have to settle for?

You might want to stop while you’re ahead, fam.

I’m sure Herbet had several Abita’s beers before the game.

Shaq get’s it crackin’.

That would’ve been better than what actually happened.

That would make any man cry.

Real Housewives, real ignorant?

You mad?

Brooklyn’s baddest is for his people.


Nubyjas Wilborn is an Atlanta based multimedia reporter. You can hear him on WWWE 1100 AM and doing updates on Yahoo Sports Radio. Follow him at @nwilborn19.

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