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TSL Co-Sign: Adidas X Brooklyn Nets All In Collection

Don't call it a comeback.

By Sandy Dover December 03, 2012, 01:20 PM EST


When you think of adidas, it’s likely that you don’t think of luxury. Not that the three stripes isn’t classy, but you obviously think sports or Olympics first. You don’t associate adidas with being a luxury brand, per se – you may think “crazy” or really crazy, but not necessarily chic.

It’s the same as if you were to think of the Nets. Taking away their new Brooklyn heritage, you don’t think of the Nets as sexy, provocative, or even really entertaining. At least not on the whole, you don’t. But out of the blue, both adidas and the Brooklyn Nets have surprised all of us.

Collaborating together as a part of adidas’ “All In (all in)” campaign, the three stripes and the Nets have begun a beautiful relationship, distinguished by their special lifestyle apparel and accessories.

Marked by an exquisite theme of luxury, the adidas x Brooklyn Nets have delivered a multi-piece package of premium leathers and other natural and textile fabrics accented in black and various shades of grey. Prominently featured is a wool/leather storm jacket, a full-bodied carrier bag, and a selection of embroidered t-shirts and tops – all with dual adidas and Brooklyn Nets branding.

The thing that really marries the collection into something that is special is its appeal to style. You don’t have to be an athlete to rock any of this stuff, and you don’t have to be a socialite to own any of the collection, either. The All In Collection is distinct, it’s lush, and it’s literally all good – all characteristics that invoke the spirit of Brooklyn.

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Sandy Dover is a contributor to The Shadow League, and is a veteran feature columnist for Yahoo!, SLAM Magazine, YES Network's The Brooklyn Game and STACK Media, among other major publications. You can follow him at @San_Dova at Twitter and also find him on the web at

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