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The BET Hip Hop Awards In Tweets

Meek Mills thinks he's epic, Rakim-love and a bunch of wild opinions.

By Nubyjas Wilborn October 10, 2012, 10:03 AM EST


FYI: Watching award shows without Twitter is like watching football without HD. It really makes you wonder how we ever lived without it. That being said, I’ve complied the best tweets from the celebrities, athletes and most importantly the fans from Tuesday’s BET Hip Hop Awards.


No there wasn’t.


Maybe he already has.


We don’t need this.


Hey, why we gotta hate on the big dudes?


I’m sure he’s smiling down from heaven.


Show me the receipts.


What are you trying to say?


All he needed was a leotard.


Indeed it was a highlight of the show.


Some guys don’t need a band.


Epic is a strong word, but it was good.


I still won’t like him tomorrow.


How else will you make her dance?


Have you watched the 30 for 30 on ESPN “Broke”? It goes for rappers, too.


What else is there to do on Instagram?


I can’t argue with you, Sir.


You know you want to watch. The hip hop monster won’t bite you.


Nubyjas Wilborn is an Atlanta based multimedia reporter. You can hear him on WWWE 1100 AM and doing updates on Yahoo Sports Radio. Follow him at @nwilborn19.

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