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LeBron Tells Charles Barkley to Shut Up

Tell 'em why you're mad LeBron...but really.

By James Carr December 12, 2012, 06:14 AM EST



LeBron James defended Dwyane Wade yesterday, telling Charles Barley to “shut up.” Barkley made comments on TNT that Wade has lost some explosiveness and athletic ability. Wade shot a career-high 11 of 13 last night against the Hawks. 

What's interesting is James speaking out. I mean, we know Wade can just hit Barkley on the T-Mobile My Circle, right? Why did he feel the need to even say anything? The performance said enough, and for all the criticism LeBron and Wade have taken over last two years, this seems like a minor one to hit back at.

Of course, we don't know the question asked. He could have been baited, and, because it's LeBron, it goes everywhere.

Either way, this has been one of the rare signs of any salt this season -- the usual dose from Rajon Rondo aside -- and it's between a player and commentator. Is this what the NBA League of Friends is like now that they've all picked their teams?


James Carr wrote for The Shadow League. 

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