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Debate III, MNF and Game 7 in Tweets

Stay classy, Ann too, Lions.

By Nubyjas Wilborn October 23, 2012, 10:11 AM EST


Allllllllrighty then. That's how we're setting this off, huh?


He basically said “Google me”.


Where the money at?


That’s where the money is.


Men lie, women lie, and numbers don’t.


Looking like Larry Holmes, flabby and sick….


You still lost TODAY.


Only God himself could fix this.


Bob held it down.


Come on, Roddy. Get with the program.


They did it to us again.


Happy Birthday, Champ.




This is awesome!


It is.


Study your playbook.


Get loose with it.


The NBA will miss you.


He’s right...going to see this movie.


It happens to your Cavs all the time.


Nubyjas Wilborn is an Atlanta based multimedia reporter. You can hear him on WWWE 1100 AM and doing updates on Yahoo Sports Radio. Follow him at @nwilborn19.

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