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50 Cent Says Rick Ross Shooting Was Staged

50 Cent biting someone's style? What else is new?

By James Carr January 28, 2013, 07:58 AM EST


Something happened to a big name in hip hop, so, obviously, 50 Cent had something to say.

In case you missed it, Rick Ross was reportedly the target of a drive-by shooting at 5 am in Fort Lauderdale after his birthday celebration. No one was hit in the shooting but bullet casings were found on the street and in nearby businesses.

50 ain't buyin' it, though.


Honestly, that was my first thought, too. It's one thing to not hit anyone in a shooting, but to also miss the car?

Still, it's far too early to be jumping to any sort of conclusions. It's also a very real possibility that the GDs finally carried through on one of their many threats to Rozay's life. Plus, 50 has been biting everyone these days, and there's a reason cats aren't comin' at him anymore.



James Carr wrote for The Shadow League. 

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